SeedStars LATAM: Entrepreneurship Without Borders

Managing Partner of LatinAmericaStartups heads to Argentina for SeedStars LATAM. Access “Entrepreneurship Without Borders Presentation” Now Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Christine Souffrant Ntim goes over her global journey of managing 3 startups from Haiti to New York to Dubai. In this keynote, Christine shares the top tools needed to create a global company and[…]

Top 5 Articles About Latin America Startup Ecosystem in 2016

Small businesses and startups are the back bone of local communities and it is imperative that resources are transparent. In recent years, more influencers are showcasing the top programs, incubators, accelerators and events available to support entrepreneurial activity. Latin America is one of 5 global regions that is making a major¬†push to centralize its startup[…]